Built in 1566 by Capuchin monks, Il Convento Viandante del Cielo has sat undisturbed on a verdant hill overlooking Lake Trasimeno in Italy’s heartland, Umbria, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards through the many stages of this land’s history. The Capuchins were the last of the three major branches  of the Order of Friars Minor, living in solitude, simplicity, and gratitude. With just 14 cells, a vegetable garden, and an orchard, the site derived its splendor from the majesty of the surrounding countryside, the uncomplicated beauty of the grounds, and the abundance of the area. That philosophy oversaw the painstaking and delicate refurbishment of the Convento by George Lucas into today’s country retreat, restoring the Convento’s magnificence to fit today’s modern standards, sparing no detail or comfort, to offer rest and respite complemented by a round-the-clock staff of 25, each and one of them looking forward to welcoming you.